[METHODS] Wrist slitting

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[METHODS] Wrist slitting

Post  Loe on Wed Mar 31, 2010 4:46 pm

For suicide, wrist slitting sucks. You hardly ever die from it
and if you manage to accomplish something it is permanent
damage to musclles, sinews, nerves and tendrils, But here's the methods.

First you have to make long and deep cuts..not "accross" your wrists but up your arm--opens
more of the vein and makes clotting harder. Second you are best to sit
and soak in a hot tub of water or running shower. The heat and hot
water will keep your blood flowing and relax you..but will also race
your heart as your body's natural reaction is to pump blood faster to
speed your body functions up to cool your body off. Lastly, a little
alcohol in your system can't hurt as it also prevents clotting of the
blood...and may stop any anxiety attacks you may have and limit the
pain. Lastly, elevate your legs while sitting in the tub or
shower..this will bring the blood from your lower region back into
your body's center where it can get pumped faster and you may not get
as lite-headed after your bleeding.

Results of a successful wrist slashing are this: you can expect to get
cold and feel chilled all over. You will feel groggy soon after
loosing a lot fo blood and you will feel tired. You may feel
lite-headed and will get sleepy. You will feel your heartbeat thru
your body and a cold eerie feeling of "pulsation" in your arms and
legs as the hours pass and your bloodpressure drops off. Average time
to die on a wrist slitting depends on your height/weight and how large
and deep the wounds are. Remember..slice UP your arm to cut open that
vein. Average time...at least two to four hours. Maybe longer if you
weigh more and have more body mass. Put it a CD, lite a candle..drink
some booze and take some sleep meds..sit in a hot tub or shower and
let it all wash away..... Hope that answers your questions.


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